PVC Glazed Tile Production Line

  • Brand name: JBD
  • Mini order Quantity: 1 SET
  • Port: Qingdao
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Feature: Design with the concept of fashion, elegant and moderate
  • Delivery time : Abide by the contract
  • Product Detail

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    1.JBD-65/132 conical twin screw extruder:  one set


    1.1extruder system:( screw and barrel)                            

    -screw diameter: 65-132mm

    -maximum output:180kg/h

    The screw extreuder is designed for PVC powder, and it is

    rotated in a different direction by means of conical meshing.

    Screw material: high quality alloy steel 38CrMoAlA

    Surface hardness>=HV940

    1.2Barrel temperature control system

    Heating zong: cast aluminum(heating ring +stainless steelsurface housing+cooling fan)

    Number of heating zones: 5 zones, total heating power 36kw. Tempreture range:50-300 c

    1.3Quantitative feeding machine:

    Stainless steel feed hopper.

    Feeding motor power:0.37kw Three phase asynchronous motor, connected with miniature oscillating needle type gearbox.

    Feeding device speed control, controlled by imported brand AC drive.

    1.4Vacuum exhaust device:

    Vacuum pump: direct water ring, power:2.2kw

    1.5Transmission deceleration system

    Using high torque gearbox. Water cooling device

    Gear bos material 20CrMoTi, gear deceleration using hardened surface helical gear combination, gear carburizing grinding tooth procession.

    Using German technology with the feature of long life, low noise, low heat.

    Horizontal gear box, the main motor is connected with the gear box through the couping.

    Distribution box: Converts single shaft torque output to dual shaft torque output via super bevel gear.

    1.6Main motor system

    AC main motor: Siemens motor

    Main motor power:37kw

    Main motor speed regulation: controlled by Sine AC Drive.

    1.7Extruder diamensions and weight



    Center height:1050mm

    Host weight:5000kg

    1.8Electric control system


    Optimized design of electrical control cabinet Japan Omron temperature control table control system,

    using PID temperature fluctuation self-tuning adjustment AC drive sine Schneider AC Contactor

    Emergency parking device and alarm system.

    Mold reservation area 10 area

    2.T-type plate mold

    The mold material is made of special die steel

    3.Glazed tile sizing mold

    Water cooling

    Cylinder control lift, manual thread fine setting mold gap

    4.Haul off machine

    Roller diameter:200-1200mm (related to waveform)

    Motor power:3kw

    5.Cutting machine

    Pneumatic blades and guillotines move with the product and automatically return to the position when the brake is off.

    Controller:Omron photoelectric switch auto-counter.

    6.Auxiliary machine:

    High speed mixing machine

    plastic crasher

    Notice: Technical date are just for your reference. We can prepare a production line according to your requirements.

    If you are interseted in it, feel free to contacy us.



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