What is PP hollow grid sheet?

PP hollow board (polypropylene hollow board) is a polypropylene polyethylene blending raw material, which is extruded through a hollow board production line. The cross section of the sheet is lattice-shaped, so it is also called hollow grid board.

Foreign countries are also called double-wall (polypropylene plate), and they call for more in China, such as: plastic hollow board, PP hollow board, also known as honeycomb board, which are related to people’s habits. The rich PP hollow plate is diversified and the thickness is also adjustable. The thickness of the PP hollow plate is 1.8MM-12mm and the maximum width is 2300mm. The length can be based on customer requirements.

The PP hollow board material is determined to have non-toxic, non-polluting, corrosion-resistant, waterproof and shock-proof properties. The factory can be blended according to the different requirements of the hollow board of the flame retardant masterbatch. The fire protection requirements are applicable to high places, such as Christmas articles, outdoor billboards and air drying; mixed anti-UV masterbatch Serve aging, UV PP hollow board, and used for greenhouse roof Construction

pp hollow board


1, Industrial product packaging turnover: electronic components packaging, plastic parts turnover box, knife card separation tank, anti-static turnover box hollow board, conductive hollow board turnover box. Turnover box, conductive hollow board turnover box.

2, Luggage handbag tray: liner bag, luggage board, partition.

3, Bottle industry: flat glass factory, bottle rack, canned product separator, canned care, sheet.

4, Machinery industry: machine board.

5, Advertising industry: PP hollow board display box, display stand, billboard, corona board.

6, Home decoration: ceiling, grille, toilet partition,

7, Furniture industry: coffee table, furniture board.

8. Agriculture: various fruits, vegetable boxes, pesticide containers, food packaging, beverage containers; greenhouse roof.

9. Sports products: smart blackboard, paper bag.

10. Automotive industry: steering wheel plate, rear partition.

11. Electrical industry: refrigerator, washing machine back, bulkhead

Post time: Apr-15-2019

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