Is the quality product tested? Wrong!

Quality is determined by the customer

The product is in the hands of the customer, no matter how luxurious the equipment is advertised, how excellent the performance is, and how beautiful the appearance is, but it is not what the customer needs, and the result is to eliminate one way. Therefore, the manufacturer’s position and concept: replace “best quality” with “optimal quality”; and “optimal quality” is to make customers feel “the most satisfactory quality.”

1. Meet the customer’s current needs:

● Meet specific specifications

● Good function

● Easy to use

● Beautiful appearance


2. Protect the future needs of customers:

● Durable and not prone to failure

● Safe and reliable

● The external environment has little impact

● Conceived thoughtful for customers

Quality does not increase costs, but can reduce costs

The misconception that people know about quality: improving quality means increasing costs.


For the manufacturing industry, the rate of non-performing loans will fall and costs will fall:


  • No need to spend inspections and correct the cost of defective products;
  • No defective products, saving the cost of material replacement and machine adjustment;
  • More production opportunities due to the reduction of defective products;
  • In the case of a reduction in the rate of non-performing, the continuous production capacity of production can be improved.

Post time: Jan-04-2019

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