How to connect PE and PPR tube

1. How do PE and PPR pipes are connected and melted directly, and the two pipe specifications are the same?

The PPR and PE tubes should not be hot-melt connected, and the internal teeth should be directly connected to the external teeth.

The wall thickness of the PE pipe and the PP-R pipe are different. The welding strength of the two materials is not up to standard.

After the PE is introduced into the room, it is connected to the PP-R. The small pipe diameter is converted by a large metal pipe with a flange. The cast iron pipe and the steel pipe are flanged for outdoor use, and the flanged well and the soft joint are easy to repair and replace.

PPR pipes can be hot-melt joints and cannot be hot-melt joints. If you want to connect them together, you can add pipe joints in the middle to connect the two pipes.

The correct connection method is to use a flange to connect, and the small-diameter pipe can also be connected with a toothed fitting, so as to effectively ensure the connection strength and ensure the quality of the project.

PE pipe

Flange connection is to fix two pipes, fittings or equipment to a flange, then add a flange pad between the two flanges, and finally tighten the two flanges with bolts. A detachable joint that is tightly coupled.

Flange connection is mainly used for the connection of cast iron pipe, rubber lined pipe, non-ferrous metal pipe and flange valve. The connection between process equipment and flange is also flanged.


2. The difference between PE water pipe and PPR water pipe

(1) Temperature resistance: The PE water pipeline has a maximum stable temperature of 70 ° C and a minimum temperature of -30 ° C under normal use. Under normal use, the PPR water pipe has a maximum stable temperature of 70 ° C and a minimum temperature of -10 ° C. PE water pipes have the same high temperature resistance as PPR water pipes. However, PE pipes are superior to PPR pipes in low temperature performance.

(2) Welding: Although PPR water pipes and PE water pipes can be hot-melt welded, PPR water pipes are easier to operate, PPR water pipes are rounded, and PE water pipes are irregularly flanged and easy to block; welding temperatures are also different, PPR water pipes are At 260 ° C, the PE water pipe is 230 ° C.

(3) Low temperature impact strength: from the index, it is the strength of PE water pipe material. PPR water pipe is stronger than PE water pipe. PE water pipe is more flexible than PPR water pipe.

(4) Dimensions: The maximum size of the PE pipe can be dn1000, and the maximum specification of PPR is dn160. Therefore, the PE pipe is used as a drain pipe, and the water supply pipe is generally PPR.

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