Comparison of chemical pipes and water pipes in PVC-U pipes

Due to the many advantages of PVC-U pipes, their use is quite extensive. The common features of PVC-U chemical pipe and water supply pipe are: light weight, convenient handling, corrosion resistance, excellent chemical resistance, long service life, smooth inner wall, low fluid resistance, high mechanical strength, good insulation, and material. Hygienic, non-polluting to water quality, good water tightness, convenient construction, low maintenance costs, etc.

Although they are all pipes made of polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, their requirements are different due to their different uses. Now compare the difference between the two.

1. Appearance: It is difficult to distinguish between water supply pipe and chemical pipe from the appearance. The water supply pipe and chemical pipe produced by Huaya Dongying Plastic Co., Ltd. can be distinguished from color and logo. In terms of color, the color of the water supply pipe is light gray, and the color of the chemical pipe is dark gray. From the mark, the pipe wall of the water supply pipe is written with “drinking water”, and the pipe on the chemical pipe is printed with “industrial use”.


2. Performance indicators:


3. Service life: According to the national standard GB/T 18252-2008, with water as the medium, the service life of PVC-U pipe for water supply can reach 50 years at 20 °C, and the service life is reduced according to the change of pressure and temperature. Less. As for chemical pipes, the degree of corrosion to the pipes varies depending on the medium to be transported and the change in pressure and temperature. Therefore, the service life of the chemical pipe needs to be determined according to the actual use.

4. Connection method: The connection mode of the water supply pipe is mainly the elastic sealing ring connection and the glue bonding. The elastic sealing ring should be made of rubber elastic sealing ring that meets the requirements. This connection not only has good sealing performance, but also meets the sanitary requirements. The connection of chemical pipes is mainly glue bonding and welding. The glue used in the bonding of the glue cannot react with the chemical fluid being transported. Chemical pipe connections have strict requirements for sealing, because if a chemical leak occurs, it will not only cause an accident, but also pollute the environment.

Since the PVC-U pipe is a polymer compound whose molecule contains polar chlorine, it is chemically stable and has excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. This is also an important reason why PVC-U pipes can be promoted and applied in industrial applications.

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Post time: Dec-26-2018

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