Can PE water supply pipe and PE gas pipe be mixed use?

PE water supply pipe and PE gas pipe production implementation standards are different, pipeline pressure is not the same, environmental standards are different, so it is not universal.

PE water supply pipe implementation standard GB/T 13663-2000

Internationally, the material of polythylene pipe is divided into five grades of PE32, PE40, PE63, PE80 and PE100, while the materials used for gas pipes and water supply pipes are mainly PE80 and PE100. China does not classify special materials for polyethylene pipes, which makes it difficult for domestic polyethylene gas pipes and water supply pipes manufacturers to select raw materials, and also brings hidden dangers to the use of polyethylene pipes.

Therefore, the National Bureau of Standards has made a large number of revisions in the new GB/T13663-2000 standard, which stipulates that the different levels of PE80 and PE100 of the water supply pipe correspond to different pressure strengths, and the tensile strength performance of the old standard is removed, and the fracture is increased. Elongation (greater than 350%), which emphasizes basic toughness.

PE gas pipe implementation standard GB 15558.1-2003

This part of GB15558 stipulates the definition, material, appearance, geometrical dimensions, mechanical properties and physical properties of buried polyethylene pipes (hereinafter referred to as “pipes”) for extrusion of gas by using polyethylene compounding as the main raw material. Marking, inspection rules and packaging, transportation, storage. This section also specifies the basic performance requirements for compounding, including grading. This section applies to buried polyethylene pipes for gas made from PE80 and PE100 materials. The nominal outer diameter of the pipe is 16mm~630mm. When transporting artificial gas and liquid LPG, consideration should be given to the adverse effects of other components (such as aromatic hydrocarbons, condensate) present in the gas on the performance of the pipe at a certain concentration.


PE water supply pipe and PE gas pipe are different in appearance

PE water supply pipe is blue or black with blue strip


PE gas pipe is yellow or black plus yellow strip


The requirements of PE gas pipes are stricter than those of water pipes, so there are also differences in price. The price of PE gas pipes is much higher than that of PE water pipes. Some merchants in the market attract customers at low prices, stealing materials, and burying them for safety. Hidden danger, buyers should polish their eyes when purchasing, check whether the business is in line with gas pipe production qualifications, not careless!

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