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Qingdao Jinbei Machinery Co, Ltd (etiam vocatur Qingdao JBD Machinery Co) est comprehensive corporation integrating conventibus, investigationibus scientificis progressionem, manufacturing, technicae innovatione (consilium), et productio ipsum. Nos figere in progressionem de "qualis adsistit: develop a technology, consuetudines prius 'tum post conditam societatem. Noster comitatu pulchra ponendo ipsas in Qingdao urbem, Shandong provinciae, China.The convenient negotiationis nobis et pulchra scaenarum sumit commodum progressionem. In magna ipsum, et multorum auxilio amici et cito nostri products ad coetus formavit comitatu cum intellectuali investigatione coniungens, advent, et trade debugging.


Expansion in foro negotium

  In recently years, JINBEI had been keeping a rapid development, the annual rate of growth is continuing to increase.JINBEI's production have already been distributed all over China, and have also exported to overseas markets such as Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa and so on.


Inquisitio et explicatio

Partum quod innovation semper core spiritus Jinbei scriptor culturae. Cum instauratione Jinbei, semper viridi industria iter missionem. Quale nos hinc semper humili humilis vastum nefas.

We respect knowledge, absorb talents and put them in important positions. We take high technology; strict testing as the development direction. With a high level of team in R&D, our products won a good reputation from our foreign costumers.Our mission is to give impetus to our presence, we want to positioned uniquely in the market place of plastic processing machinery by improving quality , performace, integrity, reliability and dedication.


Products & Service

 We have our own factory. we have our own factory. In factory,we developed lot kinds of plastic production line, such as plastic board/sheet machine, plastic pipe machine, plastic profile machine, WPC machine, plastic recycling machine, etc. It's no matter if you can't install the machine, we can send worker to help you. Any questions you have, whenever, we can also give you an answer. What's more, we also have a satisfying after-sale service.


Technical Innovation Consultancy

We are also a consultant in the market.Our foundation of providing consulting services is to change the profitability of our customers by reducing production costs and achieving the highest level of customers' products. Main plant personnel will be provided with regular production drawings, mechanical technology parameter charts, quality monitoring charts, scheduled maintenance charts, optimal workshop training, regular introductions of the latest development and technology, Production of high quality products. Receive benefits from customers, increase profits and review again 4 times.

Nos suppeditare consilia haec necessario.

Technical consultant ad launch novum plant / project

Plant, et consultant de introductio technical suscipio pro machinis & felix et commissio

Productum progressionem technica commune consultum non novi

Technical Lorem providere

Tres dimensiva taxationem opus completum est plant & apparatus ad redigendum cost productionis


Quare nos eligere?

Nos vero et primus pro his clients elegit ex variis causis,

Lata agi network distribution

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Qingdao Jinbei Machinery Co, Ltd

Add: No.15 Guangdong Road, Beiguan Industrial Park, Jiaozhou urbe, Qingdao, Sina

Tel: 86-532-82287388

Fax: 86-532-82287766

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