Modified plastic to "the three" change

The inorganic minerals such as calcium carbonate powder is added to the base resin, played three major functions increases, improved performance and increased functionality, called a plastic filling. In the case of performance to meet, using more powder, and greater cost reduction role. Reduce the amount of oil-based raw materials of synthetic resin used, greater contributions to society. As China's economy has entered a "new normal" and change in the mode of economic growth, more new demands on the modified plastic. In General, light, functional and eco is the future direction of the industry.


Because the inorganic mineral powder density higher than the density of the polymer resin (2-3 times), filled with plastic material density also increases significantly because of the added powder. Unit weight of the material, of pure resin and powder ratio is small in size, number, length, area, for which the price is calculated, and losses due to the decrease of these elements often outweighs the benefits of using a cheap powder fillers. In addition, weight gain also increase of transport costs, labor and other issues. However, the study found, through raw materials and technology and equipment innovation, "weight problem" can be solved to some extent.

The stretching process

Polypropylene (PP) flat, after nearly six times times the tensile, calcium carbonate powder particles dispersed in the PP molecules formed through a stretch of holes so that the same weight of material, its flat wire length did not change significantly, therefore high tensile products weight problems is not obvious.

Blow molding of plastic film at the time of processing by bidirectional stretch, stretch ratio vary depending on different materials, but generally two or three times. And add the same amount of powder injection molded plastic material, density of blown film is much smaller.

Test results also showed that, even for injection molding, if you can master the injection pressure and holding pressure time, equally formulations and processing equipment, changes in material density up to 3~4% of its injection molding products.

Plastic additive inverse market rally

Plastic additives in plastic products account for a proportion of less than 8%, but its on the properties of plastics processing and products improve and enhance the role it plays a vital role. Once a structure in polymer resins, selection and application of additives is to determine the success or failure of the product key.

As an important support the plastics processing industry, plastics additives and advanced levels, the level of product quality, price, directly affect and determine a variety of molding process and equipment to produce plastic products of quality and value. It can be said that the plastics processing industry and plastic products to raise the standards of plastic additives to upgrade as advance!

In recent years, the auxiliary industry has made considerable progress and achievements. Plasticizer production of scale, and technology, and products quality and products varieties and domestic self-sufficiency rate constantly improve; calcium zinc class hot stable agent of capacity, and varieties and the application volume sharply growth, lead salt stable agent proportion further reduced; no halogen, and low smoke expansion type flame retardant agent and organic silicon flame retardant agent of development production made effectiveness; new molecular structure, and dedicated type of antioxidant, and light stable agent varieties constantly produced. In addition, chemical foaming agents, impact modifiers and lubricants, coupling agents, antistatic agents, nucleating agents and other auxiliary products has achieved encouraging results.

Since 2015 in an industry sales are slightly down, but tons of profit margin has improved, some even appear against the rally situation. In the case of the plastics industry as a whole is not optimistic, product development is better than other varieties. These advances in plastics additives on quality of products and production, effectively pushing and promoting plastics used and the production and processing of development and progress.

Direct contact with the pharmaceuticals packaging material and container options

Due to packaging material, and container of composition, and drug by select of original accessories and the production process of different, drug packaging material and container in the some group copies may will was by contact of drug dissolved out, and or and drug occurred each other role, and or was drug long-term soaking corrosion off tablets and directly effect drug of quality; and, some on drug quality and the human of effect has hidden sex (that through on drug quality and the human of General test cannot timely found of problem).

Selected principles and requirements

1, packaging functionality

Pharmaceutical production factory, storage, transportation, drug use, during the period of drug, plays the protection of drug quality, convenient health care function.

2, selecting principle

Must be based on the characteristics of drug demand and drug packaging materials, formulation and production processes, select light, heat, cold, radiation shielding excellent barrier properties, oxygen, water vapor, and other factors, their own stability, and drug packaging materials and containers or transfer to each other.

Coal to olefin cold but not hot where dilemma

2015, China coal business olefin added capacity release pace obviously slowed, planned this year should have has more than 3 million tons device production, but, as October end of new device spread can only has Tung Wah Group of energy Yangtze River petrochemical and Pucheng clean energy, and according to reliable message said, is expected to this year second half of production of 350,000 tons/years of in Inner Mongolia long Thai energy PP device will postponed to 2016, and is expected to November end of drive of in the coal cast big, this year can drive currently still not released determine message. Meanwhile, Changzhou Fude, Guangzhou petrochemical and Qinghai Salt Lake also has different time delays. Coal to olefin is not punches were slow, the way?

Say by the truth, a lean-oil country of 1.3 billion people has more than 10 coal gasification devices isn't so much, but mentioned, many investors are bullish because of the economic prospects of coal gasification. So its slowing profits and production be partly to blame. For nearly a year, international oil prices fall from the top, a slump from which the potential, long-term low shock actually oils to olefins dominant highlights not only technology is more mature, and the cost is cheaper. Coal to olefin profit advantage gradually disappeared at the same time, as the PP, PE market price continues falling, oil products and coal products spread in recent days to narrow, coal chemical industry low pricing advantage no longer. In PP, for example, is now coal to olefins businesses from coal to the polypropylene raw material costs, financial costs and management costs in the sum of around 7000 Yuan/ton, with the PP market price difference, some companies even lost money, profit, and in the case, future development of coal to olefins can be described as mysterious.

Of course, in addition to the low price of oil this restriction of domestic coal to olefin production slowdown of the project the main factors, technology, capital, environmental impact assessment and a series of questions, and common purpose of driving in the slow lane. Predicted that if international oil prices remain at around 50 dollars a barrel, they ought to re-examine the prospects for coal to olefins is expected.

PP prices continue to move down the center of gravity "falling over" when?

PP main negative factors in the market in the near future:

1 and added stops, drive new petrochemical plants has not yet rare, no significant changes in market supply.

2, final demand followed up fatigue, most factories receiving pause, continue on-demand procurement to maintain normal production.

3 pessimism reigns, service provider, most of the increased profit-sharing deal, keep its inventory low.

4, "two barrels" petrochemical stocks falling, ex-works have been cut, low prices continue to hit the market.

5, PP short the futures market-dominant, basic daily with a low opening, inhibition of spot trading enthusiasm, the market constantly under pressure.

6, international oil prices in a weak, despite the ups and downs during the period, but failed to continue, but also affect the spot market for PP.

Dawn polyethylene market quiet for too long?

From market, the main factors affecting the PE market are: upstream market fundamentals of supply and demand, pricing policies for petrochemical enterprises and the linear trend of futures.

Upstream markets: international oil prices since last year's high of $ 110 early plummet. At present, the United States New York crude oil futures prices to float around $ 40, Brent crude oil futures prices to float around $ 44. Supply reduction, weak demand, high crude oil inventories will continue to restrain price, high inventory day lifted, oil price rebound is weak. Asian vinyl, due to tight supply and lower demand, supporting ethylene prices in Northeast Asia, however, compared with the same period last year, the spread is still huge.

Fundamentals of supply and demand: as coal chemical plants less stable, short-term parking and repair of accident are so much in November, but lost production due to parking and repair only a hundred thousand of tons, so the market supply pressure is still great. Subsequent market impact of coal gasification project, Shenhua Yu Lin 300,000 tons of capacity to delay until the end of December launch, covered 300,000 tons of coal plant in March next year is expected to put in. Production of coal gasification project, although hard to beat for a short time in PetroChina and Sinopec in the plastics market leader, but it will gradually weaken the industry from monopoly profits, the market faces challenges. Demand, in the context of the economic downturn, the plastics industry cannot be an exception. Orders, and raw materials this year than in previous years, the plastic manufactures large and medium enterprises operating in 70%, agricultural enterprises operating in the 60%-80%, factory stock poor motivation, limited number of procurement as a whole, difficult to support the stock market. Or weak demand situation continues to plague the market Outlook.

Petrochemical industry: under the influence of crude oil/futures are down, the regional series of cut price of petrochemical, oil, erosion of support on the market at the same time, it also shows that there are still some pressure on the stock market pessimism increased, resulting in a sluggish overall market hard. The end of this month, oil prices stop falling back on the spot market with strong positive support, but a sustainable rebound is difficult to predict in the future price of crude oil and Futures trends will continue to be an important factor about prices of petrochemical.

On 2016 polypropylene industry development

By December, around 2015, at the low price of international crude oil, single and multiple negative factors such as supply and demand imbalance hit, polypropylene in China and even the whole plastics industry downturn, falling prices, and future filled with question marks. Although in recent years, production of polypropylene catalyst technology, development technologies have made considerable progress, but special material with high added value still needs to import technologies also rely on imported. Coupled with the prices of national products in the Middle East, squeezing our markets, business competition is more intense. So. Where to start to make a qualitative leap for the domestic pp trades.

Although polypropylene unit number, but small production scale, single-unit production capacity is limited, leading to sluggish production, higher energy consumption. Therefore, we should phase out backward production capacity, restrict industry access system to ensure that the new project in the scale and process have reached international advanced level, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises strive for product quality and world-class.

Second, China's technology development capacity, should enhance the ability of independent innovation and industrialization of excellent research and development products as soon as possible, actively tracking the world of polypropylene catalyst technologies and applications in order to enhance the competitiveness of domestic technology, shortening the gap between international purposes.

Three current impact copolymer polypropylene products products and low percentage materials, such as high-end products. Adjustment of product structure, strengthen its efforts to develop new products is imminent. Future new projects should focus on high quality, high value-added products.

The four, established sales network, through market channels, flexibility to adjust production to meet market demand, and the ready judgment of market demand will also help companies avoid unnecessary risks.

PBT core-spun yarn market demand because

Tongxiang market demand

In the textile market as a whole suffered when winter comes, Tongxiang market it is another story. It is understood that the Tongxiang cored imitation rabbit hair yarn on the market like a fire in winter, demand blowout, bring warm to cool the market. At present, mixed cotton spinning core-spun yarn machine accessories, from raw materials to the PBT nylon, are presented in short supply. According to statistics, the cotton bale up 35% in the past two months, delivery for a period of 15 days; core accessory device costs rose 38%, the delivery period is extended to 20 days. Yarn orders, but must be scheduled. The other hand, the market recently to buy light flashing spontaneously spun numerous, serious short supply situation on the market. This Flash short fiber core-spun yarn production Flash imitation rabbit hair raw materials.

Zhangjiagang factory production PBT core-spun yarn

To main of package core yarn production base Zhangjiagang de product town for cases, conservative estimated currently production PBT package core yarn equipment has near 400 Taiwan, this a number still in continues to rose, currently local production more of factory main concentrated in small scale of processing type factory, part factory production proportion has has half above, in the large ammonia LUN package core yarn factory production relative caution, part benefits better ammonia LUN package core yarn factory does not production, but with PBT package core yarn market of continued, Join PBT also has a growing number of factories in core-spun yarn production.

What is PBT fiber?

PBT is a kind of new polyester fibers, usually based on PTA direct esterification with BDO in the production, and then undergo a condensation reaction, and then by melt spinning and PBT fibres. 30%~60% PBT fiber elongation, elastic recovery than polyester and nylon, spandex in less than; Moreover, PBT fiber has a great rigidity and shape stability, bulkiness, and curl is excellent, and with wool feel, so in some areas of fabric also has greater potential.

Plastic building templates production line for manufacturing the plastic template features

1, good water resistance of plastic building templates production line. Even if it is fully immersed in water for several days, or deformation due to moisture. Will not rot rust.

2, and cement incompatibility, sticking, release easily after construction or deformation due to adhesion of the cement.

3, high efficiency, good quality plastic building templates production line. With the construction of building surface is smooth, without a second modification.

4, save the process, improves the efficiency of construction. When the template is processed at the same time, Pretreat the templates, get wall patterns.


PE plastic sheet production line imported products

Our domestic PE plastic sheet production line, main electrical components are imported products, a high degree of automation, production speed, easy operation, price less than 1/10 of introduction of similar imported equipment. Production of wood-plastic plate with the equipment, PVC and wood powder, plant straw as raw material, extrusion molding process from product quality to meet the standard requirements of similar foreign products.

The production plate fire-proof, moisture-proof, fire-retardant features, widely used in construction, decoration and maintenance and has broad market prospect and lasting marketing potential. Wooden plastic instead of wood, to protect forest resources; wooden plastic can plant straw, to reduce environmental pollution; plywood boards to eliminate white pollution, beautify the environment.

Processes: sawdust (fiber) drying, add a large amount of wood powder; minor changes, but also can produce PVC foam board, rice bran can substitute for wood.

PE plastic sheet production line with a specially designed SJSZ92 conical twin screw extruder, DC variable speed drive, temperature control instrument for imported brands, has a wide speed range, high precision temperature control, easy to operate and reliable. Auxiliary vacuum shaping table, traction machine, cutting machine and push frame.

Equipped with large cooling device to ensure that sheet metal forming result. Track-type tractor with precision gear motor and inverter, with a reasonable structure, greater traction, traction, stability and so on. Cutting machine with a reliable and accurate, high cutting accuracy merit, push the rack with removable push trolley and special rubber coating, with not hurting material, easy to use and so on. Auxiliary machine unit with programmable control system for computer control or domestic brands, complete machine controls reliable stability.

Brief analysis of the development of packaging materials and standards

China plastics packaging materials industry has become one of the mainstream industries, 2011 our packaging industrial output reached 130 million Yuan, increasing by 20% year, 2014 or to reach 2 trillion yuan, ranked 14th in 42 major industries in the country, has become the second largest United States the world's second largest package. Food packaging companies accounting for about 1/3,,2013 years throughout the packaging industry enterprises, China's plastics processing enterprises above the designated size production reached 61.886 million tons, plus production for small and micro businesses of more than 80 million tons in 2014, the use of plastic packaging products has exceeded 100 million tons, of which, more than about 20 million tons of food packaging plastic, so its security can also become a hot topic.

In plastic material and plastic products in the, and plastic resin and the plastic products processing about of various additives varieties has many, to reached plastic resin or products a a characteristics, in processing forming in the we needed added must of proportion to improved its processing performance or characteristics, and these processing additives for its itself of structure characteristics in using process in the or products in the has not stability, to led to harmful gas volatile and migration, to people life brings has must of negative factors.

In particular, we do not regulate business to constantly pursue benefits. Heavy use of substandard raw materials to production, leading to market confusion; some small cottage factories. Itself the raw materials it uses are legitimate, in the process, do not meet food packaging production technology requirements, the production does not meet the requirements of the final product, brings to the market as a whole misleading.

So around plastic food packaging material of security problem has been thought became people most care of hot, China due to plastic industry started late, and development quickly, domestic demand huge, led to some hidden of against to timely found, standardized of standard in a time to and market phase corresponds to, this to some small of workshop type factory left has a survival of space, while also to industry brings has negative of effect.



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