Plastic products factory smell nuisance are sealed

Subsequently, in ways, qiantan town, dry village, law enforcement groups find a bedding company over a large number of grey smoke, immediately went to see the law enforcement group. After checks found the boiler problems, resulting in smoke direct-exclusive environments. Law enforcement Group issued a corrective action, require companies to immediately stop the boiler operation, maintenance, improvement, strengthen field management, put an end to paomaodilou.

Zhihou, law enforcement groups on two plush products factory wastewater treatment facility for a routine check and found no apparent problems. Law enforcement groups for the production wastewater sampling, require enterprises to strengthen the site management to strengthen the maintenance and repair of boilers and auxiliary equipment to ensure normal operation.

It is reported that the raids by Jiande city environmental protection Bureau, the market authority, City police patrol Special Police Brigade, the media unit and other components of the environmental law enforcement group.

Post time: Oct-26-2018

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